Case Studies
Gram Panchyat – Ujla ,Block Sankra ,District Jaisalmer

In Gram Panchyat Ujla there was a big problem of water because water supply was from Kalau village in Jodhpur District which is approx 40 km from the GP therefore at times the supply was not regular because of the long distance transportation causing damage or leakage of line . In the year 2012 when major part of the Nadis were also encroached by the villagers, the problem was further aggravated due to encroachment. The Sarpach of the GP Mr Aavar Dan arranged excavation of the Nadi and extension of the Agor as well as encroachment free. The Monsoon rains during July-August 2012 filled the Talab which lasted for up-to June 2013, this excavation work was done with the participants of the villagers. Due to the excavation /repair of the Pond the water remained in the Pond for almost a year. This activity encouraged the villagers and Sarpanchs of the neibouring GPs to take interest in harvesting rain water by excavation work /repair of Ponds in their areas.

Case Study-2
Gram Panchyat – Pithla, Block Jaisalmer, District Jaisalmer

There was a serious problem of the drinking water in the GP for drinking waters villagers has to transport water from villages like Jhandhra , Kothri , Muwar Khadeen which is about 15 to 20 Km from the GP and there was a well having sline water which were used for animals in order to slove sline water problem in the area the villagers requested one of the land owners of the Pithla Village to construct beraies in the field of late Smt Udya Kanwar w/o late Jawahar Singh Rawlot she agree to request of villagers to donate the land to Gram Panchyat for harvesting the water which is lost as run-of ,thus the harvesting of the rain water provided solution to the drinking water problem of the villagers .By harvesting the water and using it by the community participation for drinking . Thus the public participation of the villager has provided the solution for drinking water supply.

This entire initiative has not supported by the Government or any others agencies; it is only by their individual involvement.

Case Study-3
Gram Panchyat – Didaniya ,Block Sankara ,District Jaisalmer (Sutharon Ki Beri)

In Didaniya Gram Panchyat of Sankara block there was a acqate problem of the drinking water and the villagers has to bring water from almost 18 km for drinking purpose of the village as the major part of the village is Rocky , rain water used to to be lost as surface run-of to the salt producing area . Villagers solve this problem by their cooperative efforts and harvested this water and constructed A Beri for drinking supply of the village. Community also develop certain rules for using this harvested water from the Beri Such as not to installed electric motor on the Beri, the water left in the buckets will be poured in the Pashu Kund for their drinking and only clean pots/buckets will be used for harvested water .

• To render all possible help and facilities to the under privileged and "un reached" by enabling them to realize their potential.

• To generate employment opportunities in the rural and areas for the "un reached" and economically and socially "disfranchised" by providing technological, social and administrative solutions for sustainable deployment of ICTs through Community Multi-Media Centers and Information Kiosks in an innovative way.

• To partner with various international development agencies, donors apart from private sector and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) for the deployment of innovate, "pro-poor" ICT solutions.

• To relentlessly pursue path-breaking objectives and programs targeted towards gender and youth in: --Violence against Women including trafficking, slavery bonded labor and dowry
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