Micro Finances

The Foundation has formed 20 SHGs group under GRC project while more than 30 SHGs formed independently at their organization effort. All SHGs have been linkages with nationalized bank. Approx more than 10 SHGs have been linkages with the market for selling their products through Exhibition etc. Read Story


Since 2007 more than 7000 thousand women and children have been aware under GRC Project.

• To render all possible help and facilities to the under privileged and "un reached" by enabling them to realize their potential.

• To generate employment opportunities in the rural and areas for the "un reached" and economically and socially "disfranchised" by providing technological, social and administrative solutions for sustainable deployment of ICTs through Community Multi-Media Centers and Information Kiosks in an innovative way.

• To partner with various international development agencies, donors apart from private sector and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) for the deployment of innovate, "pro-poor" ICT solutions.

• To relentlessly pursue path-breaking objectives and programs targeted towards gender and youth in: --Violence against Women including trafficking, slavery bonded labor and dowry
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