Name Nazish Fatima

Age 24 years

Sex Female

Address 12/17, Rishi Kardam Marg, Chouhan Banger, Delhi-110053

Reasons for associating with SSS

I am a Muslim conservative family, where girls are not allowed to go outside and to do work. I want to do something.

Which programme is the person associated with

I am a member of Khushi Self Help Group.

How has the programme helped her/ him

As a SHG member I have been saving Rs.100/- per month

What is the income (in any) after benefiting from the programme

I have got 4000/- loan from the group and starting Chunni stitching and embroidery, selling in the Health Camp and other programme of GRC and Exhibition. SHG is facility to saving small amount and doing small business. Now my weekly income Rs. 1200/-

Any special experiences

SHG is profitable and make women independent economically and feel free. Thanks to GRC Datamation Foundation.