Datamation Foundation Charitable Trust’s main objective is to render all possible help and facilities like health to the women and youth of vulnerable and most vulnerable population in the rural and urban area of India. The Foundation has been conducting the Monthly Health Camp, weekly OPD in the most vulnerable area of Delhi like Seelampur-Zaffarabad, Maujpur, Seelampur Huts under Gender Resource Centre Project, Mission Convergence, Govt. of NCT of Delhi. In the weekly OPD only gynecologist sits while in the monthly health camp 3 doctors sit i.e General Physician, Pediatrician, and Gynecologist. DHS, GNCTD supply the medicine to provide the medicine to patient during the OPD/Health camp. All above service is provided free of cost to the beneficiaries. The patient who do not cure by the treatment from OPD/Health camp then such patient is referred to nearby Govt. Hospital for secondary level treatment. Read Story


In weekly OPD more than 25,000 thousand beneficiaries have been covered since 2007 to November 2014.

In Monthly Health Camp more than 32,000 thousand beneficiaries have been covered since 2007 to November 2014.


Mobile Health Scheme

Mobile Health Scheme aim and objective was to provide Primary Health Care services to unserved/ underserved J J Clusters at the doorsteps. Mobile Dispensary provides following services in these areas:

  • Free Examination/Consultations/Advice
  • Free distribution of required essential drugs
  • Services under various National Health Programmes including, immunization, Family Welfare etc.
  • Health Education
Achievements of Datamation Foundation by Mobile Health Scheme
Through Mobile Van Dispensary, the Datamation Foundation had covered more than 5000 patient. Each patient record had been maintained in the Register as a record. The areas had been covered:-
Srl No. Areas
1 Mullah Colony
2 Harijan Basti, Gharoli Ext.
3 Kondli Village
4 Gharoli Dairy Farm
5 East Krishna Nagar
6 Kachhi Kanti Nagar

Maternal Health Services on Mobile (SmS-toolkit)-MHSM

It was an initiative since October 2009, to circulate vital information regarding Reproductive and Child Health related information services directly to the pregnant and lactating women through mobile phones, using localized SmS in Hindi. The project was implemented by Datamation Foundation Charitable Trust, a Community organization working in the domains of Health Care, Livelihood and education. The technical partners one world South Asia (OWSA) and Microsoft Research had built together a SmS toolkit that allows direct sending and receiving SmS from an ordinary PC or laptop at a very low cost. Project was implemented at 4 primary and 5 other neighboring villages of the Katari cluster in the Ghatampur block in Kanpur Dehat (Rural) District of Uttar Pradesh, India. The registration of pregnant women was done manually and the details were recorded on the Content Management System (CMS) and it automatically sends out 2 SmS alerts to the registered users at calculated time for 40 weeks during pregnancy. General healthcare information, nutrition, specific messages for ante-natal check-up, vaccines, iron folic supplements and movement of baby were delivered to the registered women during this phase. This mobile based health care project can directly influence the understanding of maternal Health services among rural population. Such communication through mobile with the masses can improve the health conditions of pregnant women leading to a healthy society.

• To render all possible help and facilities to the under privileged and "un reached" by enabling them to realize their potential.

• To generate employment opportunities in the rural and areas for the "un reached" and economically and socially "disfranchised" by providing technological, social and administrative solutions for sustainable deployment of ICTs through Community Multi-Media Centers and Information Kiosks in an innovative way.

• To partner with various international development agencies, donors apart from private sector and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) for the deployment of innovate, "pro-poor" ICT solutions.

• To relentlessly pursue path-breaking objectives and programs targeted towards gender and youth in: --Violence against Women including trafficking, slavery bonded labor and dowry
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