Datamation Foundation Advisory Board :
Datamation Foundation’s Advisory Board comprises of eminent social workers, technocrats as well as grass root functionaries who have contributed immensely to the development sector in India as well as abroad. The Advisory Board includes:
*Dr. Divya Srivastava : Ph.D. She has been associated with the Scientometrics Unit, Division of Publications & Information , Indian Council of Medical Research, She specializes in Gender based ,medical research in India and other countries. Dr. Srivastava advises the Foundation on Health and Gender issues, and the infusion of technology for human development. Accessing Science & Technology (including Medicine & Agriculture) Research Output on the basis of Major Global Secondary Service, A Pilot study for “Indian National Science Indicators” based on 5 year data” sponsored by NSTMIS Division, Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi. Some of the projects she has work include Database of Health Research Institution in India with collaboration of DHR, sponsored by WHO, Country office, India; Global Database of Research Papers on Malaria during last 50 years (1955 – 2005) and its Analysis sponsored by NSTMIS Division, Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi as well as Preparation of Directory of Indian Science and Technology (including Medical) Journals” sponsored by NSTMIS Division, Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi.
*Joke Muylwijk : A Dutch National and a retired member of the Netherlands Foreign Services. She is also the Chairperson of the Gender and Water Alliance (GWA) whose mission of GWA is to promote women's and men's equitable access to and management of safe and adequate water, for domestic supply, sanitation, food and other natural resources. Datamation Foundation is a member of the GWA, and works closely with the GWA in India and in Bangladesh as well as in other parts of Asia on Gender and Water issues.
*Dr. Akhtar Badshah : Ph.D and a US National. He is a seasoned executive with over 30 years of experience in international development managing a corporate philanthropic program and co-founding a global non-profit for social enterprise. His expertise is in the areas of corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, information technology for development (ICT4D), non-profit development, and creating opportunities for youth. Dr. Akhtar Badshah has been at the helm of Microsoft’s Local Community Affairs (LCA) for several years. Dr. Badshah has o lectured at numerous universities around the world on issues of Technology and Development, Social Innovation and Corporate Social Responsibility. He advises the Foundation on the ICTD and entrepreneurship issues.
*Som Trivedi : He is a grass root Community worker and Mobilizer and serves on the Foundation’s Advisory Board. He has more than twenty years experience in mobilizing rural communities in the Indian states of Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra as well as Rajasthan. Som has been a full-time member of the Datamation Foundation’s core team ever since the inception of the organization, and thus has worked alongside the Board in the implementation of the ICTD, Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) framework, Gender enabled Skills Development and Basic Education for the ne0-literate enabled framework in different parts of the country. He has travelled widely across the globe for representing the Datamation Foundation in various socio-economic forums and has presented various development thematic areas in these forums.
*Brig. Y.R. Maindiratta : He specializes in Human Development for neo-literate and semi-literates; having served the Indian Army in both combat as well as peace-time roles involving large troupes. After his retirement from the Army, he has been advising the Foundation on a host of technology as well as Public-Private Community Partnership (PPCP) issues apart from working rigorously along with the Project teams and UNESCO in the implementation of the Seelampur Community Multi-Media Project which became subsequently the Gender Resource Centre (GRC) for the Govt. of NCT. He has authored various Case Studies and Academic Papers many of which have been published in the Academic Journals on Human Resource Development and the Seelampur experience.
• To render all possible help and facilities to the under privileged and "un reached" by enabling them to realize their potential.

• To generate employment opportunities in the rural and areas for the "un reached" and economically and socially "disfranchised" by providing technological, social and administrative solutions for sustainable deployment of ICTs through Community Multi-Media Centers and Information Kiosks in an innovative way.

• To partner with various international development agencies, donors apart from private sector and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) for the deployment of innovate, "pro-poor" ICT solutions.

• To relentlessly pursue path-breaking objectives and programs targeted towards gender and youth in: --Violence against Women including trafficking, slavery bonded labor and dowry
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